The Olympus Consulting Group (OCG) is a licensed and insured security intelligence agency based in the greater Seattle area, we serve clients on a domestic and global scale. The foundations of our agency are accountability and client communication. We pride ourselves in consistently providing our clients with personalized, advanced solutions that can not be obtained at conventional private detective agencies.

We serve corporations, attorneys and investment firms throughout the country. OCG has vast international resources that allows us to retrieve global intelligence efficiently and cost effectively. Our goal is to consistently provide unbiased, factual information along with indisputable documentation.

Our staff includes highly trained and experienced individuals with expertise in government intelligence services, criminal justice, security administration and computer science. OCG  has maintained a well-respected reputation as an elite operation among security providers operating in the United States and internationally. We routinely work alongside law enforcement agencies that seek our expertise in the private sector. Our investigators have the work ethic and knowledge that keeps us ahead of the competition and in touch with ever-changing legislation and technology that affects our industry.

Our clients come to us for real-time actionable intelligence, not just information brokering. We provide cost-effective investigative strategies individualized to each client’s specific objectives.  Our commitment to communication, leadership, and providing cost-conscious solutions for our clients allows us to continually stand out in an industry that is evolving both in its demand and in its relevance to corporate decision making.