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The mission of CPINS is to provide the most up to date protective intelligence to our clients utilizing networking and collaboration.

About Us:

CPINS was created by Olympus Consulting Group, LLC; located in the Greater Seattle area.  We are the premier security services provider to the cannabis industry in the United States.  Our vast network of resources allows us to provide the most comprehensive security solutions to our clients, beginning with CPINS.  The Cannabis Protective Intelligence Network System was designed from the ground up to revolutionize how the cannabis industry is secured.


The idea for CPINS was spawned out of a need to better secure the cannabis industry.  Since becoming legalized in several states, there has been a disconnect between law enforcement and cannabis business owners.  CPINS bridges the gap between these two.  Further, with the regulatory requirements outlining a security system, there is very little being done to physically secure the business.  The state administrators require that cannabis business owners track the product from seed to sale; CPINS secures products from seed to consumer.

Working closely with captains in the industry, Olympus Consulting Group set out to create the first ever network of intelligence specifically geared toward the cannabis industry.  This network is capable of providing the most current security threats to the industry, trends for state legalization, professional investigators, and highly qualified security guards.  The foundation of CPINS is the idea that even if the smallest retail/dispensary shop does not have a budget for a full time security team, they ought to have access to one.

In February of 2015, Olympus Consulting Group began work on what would become CPINS.  The website went through several phases of development, with security for the user being the priority through the entire process.  The first concept of CPINS illuminated and showcased what this network is really capable of.  From that first concept came ideas such as employee tracking, vehicle tracking, posting prices of services for users, and the broad spectrum that is the Incident Tracking System.  The prototype of CPINS allowed the team to hone in on the message of providing security services to those who do not have a strong security budget.

From the start, Dixie Brands has been a strong proponent for security in general, and CPINS in particular.  Tripp Keber, CEO of Dixie Brands, has worked closely with Olympus Consulting Group and even became the first full fledged member of CPINS on June 25th.  Through collaboration between Dixie’s head of corporate security Sy Alli, Olympus Consulting Group, and other prominent figures in the cannabis space, CPINS is the premier network for all members of the cannabis industry who truly wish to secure their product above and beyond government regulation.

The genesis of CPINS is still being written.  Through contributions from you, the cannabis business owner, CPINS will continue to grow into a robust intelligence source for the cannabis industry.  Collaboration, cooperation, and vigilance will ensure that this young, prosperous industry will continue to thrive reaching national legitimacy and beyond.


For more information about CPINS and how it can help your business, please contact info@cpins.us.