Comprehensive Asset Investigations

Assett Investigations


Olympus Consulting Group is capable of conducting asset investigations. From locating proceeds of embezzlement matters, to determining an adversary’s financial status in a litigation matter, Olympus Consulting Group can determine a subjects worth and / or locate any misappropriated assets.

At Olympus Consulting Group we have become experts in tracking down assets fraudulently conveyed, hidden, and at times “misappropriated” by individuals and corporations. We have vast experience following complex money trails as well as an in-depth understanding of worldwide financial reporting methods. We work directly with firms that have a great deal of experience in international law and banking methods, we will gladly work hand in hand with your forensic accounting firm while working to understand the bigger picture.

How could an Asset Investigation benefit you?

* Determine the liquidity and worth of your adversary (Pre or post litigation)
* Discover if a fraudulent conveyance exists in a legal matter.
* Determine if corporate executives, public officials or competitors are effectuating a corruption scheme.
* Locate & recover the proceeds of an embezzlement operation.