Corporate Intelligence & Investigative Services



Corporations across the country expose themselves to enormous risk when they explore business partnerships, joint ventures, new clients, mergers and acquisitions.

Olympus Consulting Group’s corporate intelligence division serves financial institutions, law firms, investment groups, banking firms, and hedge funds with the purpose of allowing our clients to know whom they are dealing with. We guarantee that our services will help minimize risk when considering a new partnership or joint venture.

Whether your company is involved, or about to engage in a merger, acquisition, joint venture, or similar business alliance, Olympus Consulting Group’s investigative team will ensure that you possess real time, case relevant background information and operational knowledge before any partnerships are formed and contracts are signed.

Our investigators are experienced in looking at the larger picture of every research project. We concentrate on potential conflicts of interest, unknown competing business entity’s that a potential partner may possess, and determining the true nature of “third party” referrals and points of contact in a particular deal or transaction.

What we can investigate for your business expansion:

* Overstated / Exaggerated assets and revenues
* Litigation matters
* Criminal background information on the company and its officers
* Undisclosed business relationships that affect the potential alliance, as well as hidden ownership interests in related entity’s
* Unrecorded and understated expenses, liabilities, liens or judgments
* Undisclosed sanctions, liabilities and impending indictments
* Material misrepresentations and non-disclosure of relevant facts
* Any other case related factors which adversely effect the transaction or venture

Olympus Consulting Group does not rely solely on public records research like many firms do. We surpass our competition by conducting advanced level due diligence research while teaming up with industry relevant experts. We utilize proprietary information and compile our reports in a manner that will ensure your investigative dollars are wisely spent when performing background due diligence.