Intellectual Property Investigations & Acquisitions



Olympus Consulting Group conducts global trademark investigations in a timely, cost effective and confidential manner. We initiate our investigation in total accordance with client instructions and obtain evidentiary certification whenever possible.
Our IP investigative research services include, but are not limited to determining the following:

* In-depth profile of the target entity or principal
* Origination of the mark in question
* Acquisition of marketing materials of infringing party (If required)
* Current location of principal and corporate status
* Details regarding the initial usage of a mark or product
* Assets held by target subject
* Additional Corporations held by principal(s)
* Public records information, such as property research, civil filings, criminal filings, as well as bankruptcy, liens and judgments research
* An on-site inspection of the target entity’s physical address
* Photographs of target business location as well as satellite imagery and neighborhood demographics profile of target location

Intellectual Property Acquisitions

Olympus Consulting Group works directly with its clients & their counsel in order to discretely acquire the following IP content:

* Website addresses & URL domain names & related trademarks
* Entity identity and name usage
* Common-law IP & trademarks
* Toll-free numbers & other types of intellectual property

Olympus Consulting Group routinely conducts an in-depth profile and asset investigations on the target entity and its principals in order to determine the best avenue possible for IP acquisition. Criteria, such as business liquidity, mode of living and overall financial standing in conjunction with other real time intelligence gathering is conducted in order to obtain the IP for the best price possible All negotiations are conducted in a professional and discrete manner.