Litigation Support Investigations



Olympus Consulting Group understands that the foundation of any successful litigation case lies in the acquisition and gathering of critical information from victims, witnesses and other individuals. Real time intelligence gathering is what we specialize in.
We support law firms and in-house counsel to gather necessary supporting evidence for litigation through field investigations, subject interviews, surveillance and other fact gathering means. We also provide a wide range of reliable and confidential legal support services, including assessment of jurors, expert witnesses and related parties to litigation.

Our investigators are seasoned in litigation support techniques, and trained to provide credible, expert testimony when required. Additionally, all of our investigators adhere to strict internal guidelines and are conscious not to violate local, state or federal laws. We will always stress communication with you, the client, while expediting your matter in a competent and cost effective manner.
Our practice area is as follows:

* Skip-tracing / Locate Investigations
* Comprehensive Background Investigations / Juror Profiling
* Comprehensive Asset Research (pre / post litigation)
* Accident Investigations & Witness Interviews
* Customizable Fact Gathering Investigations
* IP / Trademark Investigations & Acquisitions